Martin Kuhn

Whilst I was first dabbling in concert sound engineering, I soon discovered lighting in the mid 1980 when the lighting world was still 100% analogue, with Celco 90 desks and Par Cans supreme… I quickly embraced moving lights, owning the first batch of Clay Paky scans in Germany.
Since then I have been busy with the quick development of the industry. Moving from touring bands and festival lighting in the 1990s to corporate events and trade shows, I also added more and more architectural lighting to my portfolio. I also work as a project and production manager on large international shows.

I am always curious and open to all kinds of challenges and new projects, and are keen to find out-of -the box solutions. I love to travel, speak a few languages and have a team of internaional friends and colleagues I can rely on for support.

So, what can I do for you?

I received the prestigious German Lighting Design award in 2004 for my design of Nature One.
Quite a few of the projects I have been involved in have received national & international awards.